Teakwood Information

What is teak anyway?

Teak comes from the deciduous tree Tectona Grandis, a type of wood native to the tropics. Teak wood is predominantly planted teak in Indonesia. Teak was used for the construction of houses and railway sleepers in Indonesia, among other things.
Teak is light brown to golden brown in colour and can become a darker colour under the influence of light.
Teak wood also has a specific smell that can be compared to dried leather.
Teak feels smooth and soft. This is due to the oily substances in the teak wood.

Teak is durable, has a slight effect, is strong, has resistance to chemicals and is very suitable for making teak furniture due to its beautiful appearance.


The J&E brand has produced high-quality teak furniture for 25 years. This is reflected in the beautiful models Troedoor has in the furniture store and the construction of the teak furniture.
The  J&E teak furniture for Troedoor is mainly produced from recycled teak. 

Teak Garden Furniture, Teak chairs and the leggs of teak tables are produced by Governmental certified Teakwood