Sideboard SMG-01

Sideboard SMG-01
Dressoir SMG-01
Dressoir SMG-01
Dressoir SMG-01
Dressoir SMG-01
Dressoir SMG-01

Sideboard SMG-01


Dressing table with iron base.

With two block doors and 4 drawers in the middle on top of each other

The wood is old dengkleh recycled teak wood, where clear traces of color still.

Kitchen doors with hinges and magnetic closure.

Drawers are on iron Rails.



• Blad: 3 cm dik

• Hoogte: 93 cm

• Onderstel: IJzer, 3 x 3 cm

• Deur: Draai, massief met klamp

• Sluiting: Magneet

• Planken: Achter deur 1 plank

• Laden: IJzeren geleiders

• Lijst: 5 x 5 cm

• Hout: Gerecycled teakhout, soms met kleur afgewerkt met waslaag

Sideboard SMG-14

Sideboard SMG-16

Diningtable SMG-09

Diningtable SMG-10

Diningtable SMG-11

Wardrobe SMG-05

Wardrobe SMG-06

Coffeetable SMG-08

Sideboard TV SMG

Sideboard TV SMG-04

Glasscabinet SMG-07

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